We are proud to be the official dealer of the Stanley/Stella brand for the Czech Republic, a leader among suppliers of the highest quality textiles, complying with all rules of ecology, fair production environment and sustainability. Since its foundation in 2012, Stanley/Stella has offered the highest quality brand-ready apparel on the market, made with respect for people and the planet.

The status of an official dealer gives us all the available options with which we can bring the products of this brand closer to our clients. In our showroom, we have a complete collection of all Stanley/Stella products ready for you, including the latest collections and samples of the textile color palette in the current offer.

Billing address

SM Production s.r.o.
Arbesova 492
272 01 Kladno
IČ: 27203719
DIČ: CZ27203719

CEO, sales, production

Marek Sochor
+420 777 557 324

Sales, marketing

Martin Večerka
+420 777 671 036


MgA. Jan Buchtela
+420 737 855 559

Showroom and mailing address

Mlýnská 60/2
160 00 Praha 6 - Bubeneč
tel. 1: +420 777 557 324
tel. 2: +420 777 671 036

*We plan meetings individually, please contact us before to arrange date and time. Thank you!