How to start

If you are interested in textiles with branding, we have some tips for you to get started, which will simplify the whole process and make us as efficient as possible.

Textile selection

We select the best quality ready-to-be-decorated textiles for you, so we filter the best products on the market. First, choose from our catalog for the full collection of our main supplier Stanley/Stella (T-shirts, hoodies, cotton bags and gym bags, tracksuits, windbreakers) and other suppliers.

If you are interested in caps, choose from Flexfit Yupoong or Atlantis, we also recommend beanies from Beechfield. You can check backpacks and belt bags from BagBase. Of course, we also have other suppliers, but we work with the ones mentioned above most often, because we have verified the top-class quality of their products and we know that they can best be branded.

The ideal option is a visit to our showroom, where you can check or try products of these brands and we can discuss everything in person. If it is not possible for you to come to our showroom, of course we can solve everything by phone or e-mail, and if you are not sure about the choice, we will be happy to order samples for you at the prices indicated in our catalog. The samples can then be used in the final order.

For easier orientation, we picked types of specific products that are most popular:

Preparation of graphics

From our experience, there are basically three main ways of preparing the graphics for decoration:

You are all set with a clear idea of the type of branding.

Send us everything and we will just prepare the final visualization of the selected product / products for approval together with the quote.

You have a logo or a basic graphic available, but you need advice on placement on the textile and decoration options.

At that moment, we offer the option of processing by our graphic designer, when we will prepare for you visualisation of the collection according to your ideas, based on the graphics you have supplied (logo, etc.). The more specific you direct us, the more effective we will be. We charge 3000-5000 CZK without VAT for this basic sketching (depending on the range of products), for subsequent orders with a total price of more than 30,000 CZK without VAT, we do not charge/deduct this amount.

You have a general idea, but you have no graphics and you need to create the designs completely.

We are ready to help with our graphic designer, the pricing in this case is individual.

Quote calculation

For the initial calculation we need the following:

The choice of textiles, i.e. types, colors and amounts.

Final graphic designs in vector data.

Choice of the type of decoration, i.e. print, embroidery, patch, etc.

Invoicing information.

The basic forms of decoration are printing, embroidery and patch. For all of these we have a minimum of 30 pieces per graphic motive (color / size).

However, you can use the above numbers on more types of products - for example, printing on t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc. The price of printing, embroidery and patches always consists of two parts. The first part is the price of the preparation (screens, program, patterning) and the second is the production process itself (printing, embroidering, sewing of the patch etc). We always split the first part between the individual pieces in the order for the given form of branding, therefore the price per piece always decreases proportionally with the increasing number of pieces in the order. For example, 30 t-shirts with one print will always cost more per piece than 50 pieces, as will caps with embroidery or patch. We therefore recommend going in the direction of fewer designs for more pieces, rather than dividing more designs into smaller numbers.

We will prepare a price offer afterwards and after your approval we issue an proforma invoice in the amount of 50-100% of the total price of the order, depending on the total price. We take the payment of the deposit as a confirmation of the order from your side, and without it the whole process does not start. We take it as an assurance from both parties to fulfill their obligations - client will pay for the order and that we will deliver the order on the agreed date.


After the proforma payment, we put your order in production and order the textiles. The delivery time depends on the complexity of the order, usually we are able to guarantee the delivery of printed textiles within 2-3 weeks, in the case of embroidery or patches 3-4 weeks.

Delivery of the order

Delivery of the finished order is possible either at the address of our warehous in Prague, or we send it by our contracted carrier PPL, where we charge a price of CZK 120 without VAT / 1 package. However, it is of course possible to agree on other options such as a courier around Prague, etc.

After taking over the order, we invoice the remaining 50% of the price (i.e. the total price minus the deposit) due within 14 days.

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