Cooperation with the globally successful Czech technology company STRV, which mainly deals with the development of mobile applications, is a great pleasure for us! We created many collections for this client, for example, a premium model of Flexfit 110T caps with a 3D embroidered logo, T-shirts made of 100% organic cotton made in Fair Trade workshops by the brand Stanley/Stella with a print, imprint and woven label on the bottom hem, backpacks with a decent logo and all packed in a luxurious folding box with a matte surface and magnetic closure. The "Black on Black" part of the collection is maximal stylish. Sweatshirts for the team have become an exclusive thing, on which the initials of one member of the STRV crew are always highlighted in white. We are very happy that STRV employees go to work or to professional lectures in clothes supplied by us, not only in Prague, but also in branches in Los Angeles, San Francisco or London.


Woven label

Eco packaging


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