We could have made another boring merch with the band logo on the chest on the cheapest textile on the market. But we said NO! Thanks so much for the fact that the band Queenie takes a different path in the creation of its merch than most music performers - the path of creativity and quality, in which we have reached the same wave and together we have prepared a collection that we are really proud of. The result is obviously fun not only for us, which can be seen from the response from the fans at the concerts so far, and this is the best reward for us. All t-shirts are of course made from 100% organic cotton (canvas bags made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester), thanks to the raster graphics they are screen printed and the multi-colored motives also work as an optical illusion, for example when viewed through the camera of a mobile phone. We decorated T-shirts, tank tops and canvas bags with labels with the letter Q woven with gold glittering thread. Nothing is packed in plastic bags, paper boxes with the Queenie symbol are used for sale.


Woven label

Eco packaging

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